Simplify and Minimize

Minimizing. Not what you think you might see in a health blog. But, hear me out.

As I have mentioned before, this blog is about my journey of healthy living. A current progression and movement. I am not an expert in health or nutrition but I want to share the things that I have learned in the past 3 years since I began my journey.

As I continue to learn about health, finish up going completely chemical free, and learn about nutrition, one thing that I keep seeing is the toll that our distractions take in our life. Maybe its the therapist in me.

Have you ever sat and watched a dramatic show and looked down and your snack was completely gone and you don’t remember eating it… at all? Just as the movie distracted us, so does the busyness in our lives. At face value, it might not mean much but it can take a toll on our emotional health as well as distract us from more meaningful things.

I am guilty as most of us are of distraction. I have had my little boy tell me “put down your phone mommy”. Yikes. We seem to seek out distraction. Like if it validates us or makes us important. But, what if we sat outside on a park bench without our ipod, cell phone, or book for a few hours? What if we just sat and took in our surroundings? Could most people even do that for more than a few minutes?

In the same fashion, as I have started thinking about the idea of minimizing chaos, I have noticed how many “things” I have that do not add value. Not only do they not add value but they distract. Who needs 4 sets of shampoo and conditioner in a shower? A month after taking 2 sets away, I realize how less chaotic my shower felt. Silly example, but its true. 3 lotions on the bathroom counter in addition to the other 15 products were overwhelming not to mention making it harder to clean. Who needs 5 things on their piano? 2 looks much better and adds relaxation.

I spent the past 2 months simplifying things around the house. I am no where close to feeling organized or in control of the excess but the steps that I have made have felt wonderful.

Right now, I am thinking through these 3 steps to simplify my life and have a healthier home:

  1. Does this bring me happiness?
  2. Does this add value to me, my family, or my home?
  3. Clearing the space for a few days and introduce a few things back and see what you think. Its amazing how the excess things lose their value when you step back and see less chaos.

I invite you to take an inventory of the chaos of your life. The busyness. Are you able to find joy in life? If you are like me you love life but you could use a little less distraction. Minimizing. Simplifying. It all has a part in a healthy life.


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