Essential oil, Food and recipes

Cooking with essential oils

Most of you know that you can cook/bake with essential oils. Maybe you don’t know but let me tell you how easy it is!!

Just like herbs (the dried leaves), essential oils are the liquid distilled from the plants. They can but used the same way.

Basil in your pasta sauce, Lavender Lemonade, Peppermint brownies, Lemon and Thyme on grilled chicken. The list goes on.

One thing to keep in mind – – a little goes a long way! I use only THREE drops of peppermint in my brownies.

Cooking with oils also allows you to be creative. So fun. We decided to make some organic orange dark chocolates. Sure, its dessert but sometimes you gotta splurge.  Even when you have some treats, it can still be health-ified. Wait, is that a word?

Check out what my 4 yr old and I made today! Organic orange dark chocolate roses.


For a beyond easy hack, we took some organic chocolate bars from Traded Joes and added some solid coconut oil, a little shreaded coconut, and sliced almonds.



After melting it, we added 4 drops of Young Living essential oils (click here to order yours: http://www.tinyurl.con/KellyMcCormackYL) before pouring into molds. 20 minutes later we were eating our dessert. So YUM!



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