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DIY (and of course chemical free) oven cleaner

I don’t know about you, but our stove top gets dirty….often! Things spill and get baked/cooked on the surface. After a while, it starts to look horrible. About twice a month, I like to do a deep cleaning.

I decide to clean off the stove this morning. Our nasty cleaning chemicals are long gone. So what do I use?


We use only one general cleaning product – Thieves cleaner –  for all of our cleaning needs. But, sometimes you need a little bit more scrubbing help. This is where my non-toxic soft scrub comes in. Anybody can do it. Including my four-year-old.

You simply sprinkle baking soda on your surface and then add lemon essential oil to make a paste. (You can order Young Living Lemon essential oil here –> ). If you need more moisture simply spray a little bit of Thieves cleaner. You could add a few drops of water in a pinch. Grab a paper towel, fold it into a small square and gently scrub. It’s that easy!

The baking soda has a gentle abrasive quality, while the lemon oil loosens the grime and baked food.

Cleaning does not have to be toxic to your family. There are SO many options to use to clean without transforming your home into a chemical diffuser.

Every time you mop your floor with chemicals and walk across it with your feet, you are in essence ingesting toxins. People clean counters or cutting boards with bleach then grab it the next day to prep their food. Yuck. I know I certainly don’t want to do ingest that myself let alone my growing child.

Now, after 3 minutes I have a sparkling stove top. My mom was visiting and watched . Her comment was on how simple it was. Yes, it’s that simple. Going chemical-free doesn’t have to be hard.

While we use our Thieves cleaning spray for day-to-day mess, we do this deep cleaning once or twice a month. The best part besides chemical-free, is the fact it looks clean and shiney for about $0.40!!

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