Small changes

“It’s too hard” – that’s the thing I hear the most when talking about making changes. I thought the same thing when I first thought about my first products to switch. Making healthy changes doesn’t have to be hard. It really doesn’t. Especially if you do it in steps.

Here are my best tips from my experiences:

*Small Steps

Making small steps is key in making long lasting changes. Those that go home and throw everything away often get overwhelmed and don’t keep the changes. If you choose a few things to start with, those become routine , and you can move on to the next things.


What products in your home need attention first? What is the most toxic? These are great questions to start with. There are 2 apps that can help with that – Think Dirty and Healthy Living. I will go over those in a separate blog. Download them. Just do it. Then, start searching some of your products. You’ll be amazed. Or sickened…..

*Make a list

Making a list was so helpful for me. It helps you see the steps that you were making instead of the entire scary “chemical free living” idea. Here was my list:

1.Cleaners and my sons bath items

2.Hand foaming soap and Air fresheners

3.Body wash and sugar scrub


5.Skin care


7.Hair care

I have finished 1-5. Now, I am focusing on 6 and 7 and half way there on those. Everyone’s lists will look very different based on the items that your family’s uses and what is most important to your home.

Some might switch their make up first and that is great. Our skin is the largest organ and we need to be mindful of what ingredients are in our make up. For me, that seemed the most daunting and I had other areas I felt needed attention first. That’s okay. Whatever you choose, you will be ridding your home of chemicals and that is a win no matter what!

*Start with 2

Pick 2 products and just focus on those. I promise, going slower is definitely better. Find replacements and make the switch. Ditch n switch those nasty chemicals out of your home. Before long, it is normal to make your own foaming soap or using a different product then you can start on the next. Comment on what items you are working on! I’d love to hear your lists!

Stay tuned for a great DIY on my foaming hand soap.


1 thought on “Small changes”

  1. Great stuff. Starting small is helpful bc you can start to make progress without feeling overwhelmed and having to break the bank.


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