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Best and most helpful apps for chemical free living

When starting out on a chemical free journey, it is often very overwhelming. Atleast it was for me. Where do I start? What products do I need to get rid of?

Well, I am glad you asked!

Let me share a few apps that have made things SO much easier for me! Think Dirty and Healthy Living (formally Skin Deep). These free apps can be downloaded and you can scan and use the search bar to look for your exact products to see the ingredient list and how it can affect your health. There is no reason to NOT have these on your phone.

They are fairly different apps. Think Dirty is mostly cosmetics, laundry, and personal care. Its my absolutely favorite between the two.  Healthy Living doesn’t have as big of a data base but it has food.  The Healthy Living app (from EWG – Environmental Working Group) has a much more concise website. They have separate consumer data bases for cleaning, sunscreens, ect that are not on the app.

Everyone’s preference will vary but we are a 6 household, meaning we choose items from 0-6.

So to put it in a nutshell :

Think Dirty app

Environment Working Group website

You can use this in the grocery store, before ordering, and to see what items in your house need attention. Have a scanning party and get your kids involved. It will amaze you the toxic things that you are using every single day. What is the most toxic product in your home? Hint: start scanning some of your cleaning products! 😉

~Kelly M.



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