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A few healthy food changes

About a year and a half ago we finally were able to put the pieces together and discover that much of our son’s digestive issues stemmed from gluten, corn syrup, and dyes. Such improvement after removing these guys.

I’ve been asked if I hoped he grows out of these allergies. Honestly? No, I hope not because I have learned how destructive some of these foods are. My counseling background has showed me several studies linking dyes, particularly Red-40, to behavior and emotional issues with children. That makes it more upsetting since most food marketed towards children have so many of these neon and colored foods. Ugh.

Does food have to be boring? No way. Actually, non processed foods are gorgeous. Have you seen those colors?

One of the best things I did as a parent was to involve my son in the meal planning, picking out ingredients at the store, and preparing it. It also helped that he realized that certain foods made his belly hurt.

We are well over a year of removing gluten, dyes, and corn syrup from our home and have seen such amazing results. I will never go back. Want to learn WHY wheat and gluten now poses such issues for us? Check out this article!! .

Coincidentally since removing gluten from my son’s diet (and now ours), the bumps on my arms have vanished. We need to pay attention to what goes in our mouths and the ingredients of our food products!

Even perceived “health foods” can be not so healthy. Things like certain yogurts can host a full days sugar intake in one small cup. I highly recommend the free documentary “That sugar film”. The author/producer went from extreme health (proven with MRIs, blood work, and scans) to serious liver issues in 2 months simply eating “healthy” items like juice, yogurt, breakfast bars, protein snacks, premade smoothies, ect in the stores.

Want a yummy recipe?

Get PLAIN grass fed yogurt and add a drizzle of honey, some sliced almonds, and sliced fruit. You can take sugar-rich yogurt from a crazy 24+ grams to about 8 grams by simply making little changes.


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