Toxic life -First blog post

Me? Do a health blog? Maybe it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind but as I scrolled through my facebook page, it seemed that I was already doing it. “Doing what”, you ask? Sharing my health journey with my friends and family every day.

So after a facebook acquaintance mentioned me doing a blog, I began thinking it over. And here I sit. I’m excited to begin sharing my journey with you! I will be sharing: ways to remove toxins from your home, find healthy beauty products, essential oil information, food and healthy recipes, how to find chemicals in your home, and more.

This page is not for the experienced health fanatic because that is certainly not where I’m at yet. But, in the past almost 3 years I have certainly learned a few things. Basically, I have learned that what goes in and on our body affects our health. Not a hard concept, huh? However, as you begin learning of ingredients and how to read labels, you begin to see that most day to day products in our home should not be used.

Most women, in fact, use over 100 toxic chemicals on their bodies before they leave the house!! Don’t believe me? Go grab your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and make up products and start looking up the ingredients. It will scare you. I know it did for me. You will quickly realize how inundated our life is with chemicals. Perhaps, if we used 1 or 2 products a day with chemicals, we might not be as affected by it, but the truth is, we use much much more in a typical day. Add in our detergent, hand soap, hand purifiers, perfumes, candles, and you can see why everyone around us is so sick. It didn’t USED to be this way. And, it doesn’t have to be YOUR way of life. Interested in learning how you can start cleaning up your home? Stay tuned! I cant wait to start sharing with you!





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